The "Next Level" Executive Program:  
Developing Human Potential  
for Corporate Excellence

Elite, One-on-One Training Programs  
For Top Performers

The Next Level program is suited for entrepreneurs, founders, senior management, 

senior level sales and functional experts, and other top performers. 

The program develops leadership capabilities and personal traits that lead

to greater success with less effort – while improving quality of life. 

"I did the program during the process of starting a Vancouver office of a major contractor. 
We grew the business from -$250k (setup cost) to $60M in 23 months and from two people to 33. 
Now I am starting a new business and in three meetings have $7M in construction contracts.


The program changed how I manage teams and empower them to lead. 


It has been truly transformative, personally and professionally."


– Andrew Hull, Principal 

"This is the best thing I've ever done for myself"
- Kid Carson, Talkshow Radio Host, Entrepreneur

Reach Out To Us if:


  • You are a Founder/CEO running your own company and you believe that your performance levels can use a boost

  • You are a Founder/CEO and you have valuable high-potential team member(s) that need help getting their performance to the next level

  • You are a CEO or a senior HR manager and some of your senior executives/top performers need help with challenges in their personal and/or professional life

Only 18 percent of executives rate their organization’s senior leadership team as “very effective."

Does your executive team have growth potential?
Let us help you unleash the untapped potential of your leaders.

If you or some of your top players experience one or more of these common issues, we can help:

  • Top performers often endure a lot of stress. Over time, this mental and emotional load coupled with the lack of necessary coping skills and tools can cause their performance to plateau.

  • Having grown from the ranks of industry experts into senior roles, your top performers may lack the soft skills, the emotional intelligence, and personal traits necessary to perform at the highest level in their critical roles.

  • Suboptimal communication patterns, both within the leadership team and across the organization, can create silos, misunderstandings, and conflict, and negatively impact the team's moral.

  • Unaddressed personal matters, strained interpersonal relationships, as well as burnout and stress may slow down your leading talent's work performance.

Based on interviews with our past clients, here are some of the results this program has delivered:

  • Higher levels of performance via improved critical thinking, focus, clarity, and energy levels

  • More effective communication and collaboration within your team promotes improved organizational culture, reduced silos and conflict

  • Greater cognitive skills make it easier to discover new opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls

  • Better leadership skills and collaboration practices that empower, motivate, and increase employee engagement

  • Higher level of engagement and leadership abilities improve job satisfaction and retention of your staff


We specialize in organizational excellence by unlocking your most valuable players' potential. 



Any successful business runs on effective systems. But it’s the people running those systems who provide the vision, the drive, and the dynamic energy for the business to continue improving. 


Your people are your key resource. And the key resource your people have is their potential. Even the best of the best can think bigger and innovate smarter, for better results.


ThroughConversationTM Next Level elite training program is specifically tailored to high achievers seeking to overcome inner barriers and unconscious mental blocks, and re-program their minds to work at a much higher level


By realizing their full potential, what your people achieve for your business will be profoundly better – and will filter positively down throughout the entire organization.


The ThroughConversationTM Next Level program transforms your key players into even more effective, confident, and vibrant leaders for the benefit, productivity and profit of their corporations. Based on our past clients' accounts, these benefits include:


 - more effective communication, 


 - better problem-solving; 


 - better talent retention and engagement; 

 - improved organizational culture


 - improved bottom line.


This program is known to produce breakthroughs in personal and corporate performance - and it does so within a very condensed time frame. 


"Through being a better leader I've been able to inspire my front line staff more. Through their effort we've seen a noticeable uptake in our customer satisfaction scores. In two months, we've improved from a 100th spot out of 260 dealers [in Canada] to 53rd spot as of last week"


- Jeff, Fixed Operations Manager

“Since ThroughConverstion, my closing rates have improved, and my ability to connect personally and more meaningfully with clients is drastically better. As a result, my business has grown, new opportunities have presented themselves, and I have had my best year ever.” 



- Bart, award-winning industrial & investment real estate broker



Many of the challenges your top players face cannot be effectively addressed within the organization itself, or in a group coaching format. We work privately with each participant to ensure that they receive exactly what they need in order to generate the best results for themselves, and for the company's bottom line.


We create fully customized, personalized programs for each participant that elevate their ability to communicate and relate to others, improve their critical thinking, and dramatically decrease stress. The results will be seen within the first few weeks, and the entire process is only 10 sessions.


Instead of implementing new processes and teaching new skills on top of an outdated foundation, we focus on removing the root causes of suboptimal performance. Your top talent will deliver greater results and drive performance improvements across the entire organization, with ease.


  • 1

    Fill out the form below to schedule a short introductory phone call with us to see if there is a fit. If there is mutual interest, we will set up a presentation for your executive team.

  • 2

    We conduct intake interviews. Based on these, we recommend which members of your team should be enrolled to maximize your return on investment.

  • 3

    We prepare a letter of engagement including the scope of work, suggested list of participants and budget

  • 4

    We work with each of the participants individually, one-on-one. 
    The process only takes 10 sessions for each person, approximately three months.


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You are in great company: 
watch what our clients say

[This program] pushed me to the level I never through I could go" 
– Robert, 40 under 40 CEO alumnus

"I think this is something that any senior level executive should really, really take a look at. If I were to present this to a board of senior executives, I would say just that, if you’ve gone to a certain level and you can’t go any higher this is something for you. This is something you need to look at because this can take you to that next level and that’s what Jean-Paul did for me… I got more than I ever thought I would get out of it."

"[This] completely changes your game" 
– Shanelle, President and CEO

"It is life changing is how your business will change. Because people in your company will change because you change. Everything will change because you change, because you start to see things differently, you start to manage people differently, you start to operate things differently, you’re more consciously aware so you’re able to foresee problems that are going to come up arising because there’s a clarity that you never had before. Everything is just so much better, it changes your game, completely changes your game."

- Rob DesBrisay, Senior Executive

"The work... brought back creativity, it’s brought back that desire to push forward, to invoke change, to push the envelope, redesign the envelope, and move forward. To look towards a brighter better future. And the results are there."

- Bart Vanstaalduinen, Entrepreneur

"It's basically operating at a level that you never thought you could reach but you can... You can do everything, and you can perform at a high level at everything."

- Andrew Hull, Principal

"Before, there was risk that I was going to be losing some contracts and that's not the case [anymore]... Every time... I meet someone new about what they might need to develop or build, I'm coming back with some work to do, to help them." 

- Rahim Lakhani, CEO

"This is a program that has, for me, changed how I will forever do business, how I will forever interact with my clients, with my employees, with my suppliers. It has raised my game to a level that I didn't think was possible, especially in such a short time." 

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